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The Shepard OWBC 0.1 - Intro

09-17-14_4-10 PMi
Hello and welcome to my OWBC for TS4! :D The challenge can be translated quite easily over to TS4 it's just the challenges that posed a problem but I picked the ones that were doable without changing much because i'm lazy.

The Bonus I am doing:
Base Game
-For making a founder with a colourful skin tone and keeping the skin colour in the family until third generation. (3 Points)
-Achieving the initial aspiration for spares, and heir/esses. You can keep the spares in the household until their aspiration is complete. (3 Points)
-For having a gnome to guard your flamingos. He must be accessible to be kicked. Watch for it and don't lose that gnome! (3 Points)
And the challenges:
BoolProp Naming Scheme (10 Points)

  • Naming the first generation's three children names that start with B, O and O. The second generation's children would be given names that start with L, P and R. The third generation's children would be given names that start with O, P and N (for .net, of course!). If twins are born they count as one letter, tough bananas! Name them both with the letter the one child would have been assigned and then you must have another child. So if I had my first generation heir have a boy that I named Larry, then a set of twins I would name them Peter and Paula, because they only count for one letter, I would then have to have them try for another baby to get a Rachel. Additional children born/adopted whether intentionally or accidentally are considered outside the naming scheme and can be named whatever you want.

The Golden Trio (10 Points)

  • A generation of your choice must give birth to triplets. You may name each of the babies after a different letter in the naming scheme if you go for this, you are also exempt from the three pregnancy rule that generation. Additional trio rules apply. You must have each triplet max three skills of your choosing as a child, make three best friends (outside of the family), earn 3,000 Simoleons, and complete the golden trio of getting an A+ in school and reaching the top of their teen career as a teen. Additional children may be born after the triplets, the trio rules do not apply to them.

Collector (10 Points)
Each generation a sim out of the 3 pregnancies must gather a full collection of one of the following:

  • Aliens

  • Crystals

  • Elements

  • Fish

  • Fossils

  • Frogs

  • Metals

  • MySims Figurines

  • Postcards

  • [*[Space Rocks

  • Space Prints

  • Microscope Prints

You can choose to do only three, one for each of the generations, or have the founder do one and get an extra 5 points because at this time you won’t have the Collector to help.
Beyond Cheesy (10 Points)

  • Your Sims may only ever, ever, ever eat grilled cheese. Stock up serving platters in your inventory, or if you have Seasons in the fridge. They may drink hot chocolate, or something from the juicer, etc. But if it's food it has to only be Grilled Cheese, anyone in the household eating anything else makes you lose this mini-challenge. Otherwise, morning, noon and night your Sims will eat, breathe and live the glory and wonder and majesty of grilled cheese. Whether they like it or not.

Family Scrapbook (10 Points)

  • Every member of the family must have either their picture taken, via photo booth, camera or printed in a family album, or their portrait painted or sketched with a draft table and hung somewhere about the house. You can choose the age or do multiple ages, take group shots or individual pictures, it's up to you. Your house must contain a picture of everyone that has ever lived in the house by the end of the challenge. Also, each generation, starting with the founder, must write one novel, to keep track of the family's memories. In total four novels must be written one by the founder and one by each of the three heirs (first gen, second gen, third gen).

And here is our founder!:
09-17-14_3-49 PM
Her name is Dorothy Shepherd, she has the aspiration Cheif of Mischeif with the traits Goofball, Foodie, Perfectionist and Dastardly.

Thats all for this introductory thingy, ta for now!

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