Beauty-of-the-Grave (ephemeralcookie) wrote,

The Shepherd OWBC 0.2

09-17-14_5-21 PM
Chapter uno is here! :D

09-17-14_5-14 PM
Darn, I forgot the flamingoes. This will be rectified immediatly. ¬_¬ Anywho, thanks to the restyled rooms I was able to build this fully furnished home (i ran out of money so there are no windows) for Dorothy!
09-17-14_10-17 PM
There we go!
09-17-14_5-15 PM
I set Dorothy to work immediately at her easel to bring in some much needed simoleons.
09-17-14_5-18 PM
Preparing the first of many, many grilled cheese sandwiches, Dorothy fails spectacularly despite not setting the kitchen on fire.
09-17-14_5-21 PMHH
This game is sooo prettyy *-*
09-17-14_5-22 PM
Dorothy, being the perfectionist she is, gets the embarrased moodlet from her beginners attempts at painting. x3
09-17-14_5-36 PM
Walkk bys! :D This gentleman fellow caught my eye and I sent Dorothy to scope him out.
09-17-14_5-37 PM
They got on really well, they share a trait! :3 (goofball) And look! A pancake bob lookalike!
09-17-14_5-38 PM
derp derp derpderpderpderp
09-17-14_5-41 PM
Target acquired >:D
09-17-14_5-46 PM
Grilled cheese looks tasty in this game.. I've never had it in real life. :/ Is it an American thing or..?
09-17-14_5-55 PM
Dorothy didn't have to wait too long to meet (insert name here) again!
I have a bad memory, i literally was only playing this game 4 hours ago. Dx
09-17-14_6-03 PM-2
09-17-14_6-04 PM
I think we found Dorothy a spouse! :D

09-17-14_6-14 PM
I still can't believe the prettiness of this game without CC! TS3 sims look doughy and horrible without defaults.
09-17-14_6-19 PM
09-17-14_6-25 PM
Just look at it! *-*
09-17-14_6-26 PM
09-17-14_6-26 PM-2
09-17-14_6-27 PM
And this is the end of this installment! Hope you enjoyed and see you next time~
Tags: dorothy shepherd, shepherd gen: 0, shepherd owbc
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