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The Shepherd OWBC 0.3

09-18-14_8-22 PMtitle
Another chapter is here~
09-18-14_6-58 PM
09-18-14_7-03 PM
Dorothy didn't have to wait very long for Noel to come visiting.
09-18-14_7-06 PM
09-18-14_7-07 PM
09-18-14_7-18 PM
:D I think this is a more open world than TS3, this is how the community gardens are supposed to be. There are collectables all over the place! Which is good because I'm taking the collecter challenge!
09-18-14_7-23 PM
One of Dorothy's paintings was this and I had to keep it. :D
09-18-14_7-29 PM
09-18-14_7-30 PM
09-18-14_7-31 PM-2
I still can't get over how good this game looks and how smoothly it plays.
09-18-14_7-42 PM
At this point I remembered I could change Dorothy's skin for the base game bonus and so Dorothy looks a little like the wicked witch from Oz the great and powerful. :3
09-18-14_7-45 PM
Do you think he notices anything different? x3
09-18-14_7-51 PM
09-18-14_7-54 PM
09-18-14_7-58 PM-2
Dorothy starts a flirty painting while Noel takes a nap..
09-18-14_8-03 PM
He then fulfills his whim to get engaged to her! :D
09-18-14_8-04 PM
09-18-14_8-06 PM
To the bed! (I really don't want to know what she's going to do with that paintbrush..)
09-18-14_8-07 PM
She just stabbed him with the paintbrush but otherwise this interaction is adorable x3
09-18-14_8-10 PM
09-18-14_8-15 PM-3
09-18-14_8-16 PM
09-18-14_8-17 PM
Dorothy is with demon spawn! ಥ⌣ಥ Noel looks so happy. :')
09-18-14_8-20 PM
09-18-14_8-22 PM
And that's it for this installment! This is really fun so far, I just hope I can remember all of my challenges in game. XD
Bye for now!

Also what picture size do you prefer? (This is 600px and before it was 800px)
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