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The Shepherd OWBC 0.4

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Hello again! :D
A really short chapter to hail in the new generation!
09-19-14_1-04 PM
Noel makes some friends out of Nina and a townie lady by whattheskell and livelovepixels respectively.
09-19-14_1-08 PM
09-19-14_1-41 PM
The dancing is so cute in this game. x3
09-19-14_1-47 PM
09-19-14_1-48 PM
Grilled cheese, grilled cheese everywhere!
09-19-14_2-10 PM
09-19-14_2-19 PM-2
Dorothy had a tough pregnancy, her huge boobs didn't make it any easier the gravity increase was just too much for her. :')
09-19-14_2-20 PM
09-19-14_2-21 PM
09-19-14_2-35 PM
Welcome Bellatrix Shephard! (Bellatrix is awesome)
She didn't get Dorothy's skin D: and her personality is a mystery.
09-19-14_2-36 PM
Such a good dad. =3
09-19-14_12-52 PM
09-19-14_12-53 PM
Cuties. ◕ ‿ ◕
09-19-14_12-56 PM
09-19-14_12-59 PM
I love the ease of controlling the townies in TS4. :3 No more randomly generated sims that take forever to makeover.
Anywho see you soon!
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